Aedes Ars Acquedotto di Segovia art. 1253 Vedi a schermo intero

Aedes Ars Acquedotto di Segovia art. 1253

Aedes Ars Acquedotto di Segovia art. 1253

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Aedes Ars Acquedotto di Segovia art. 1253


Acquedotto di Segovia



Scala: 1:135
Materiale: Mattoncini e cartone
Dimensioni modello: 240 x 140 x 220 mm
Peso: -
Pezzi: Circa 1150
Difficoltà: 6.5/10
Età consigliata: -
Note o consigli: Sono richiesti attrezzi base come taglierini e carta abrasiva.


- Splendida riproduzione del famoso Acquedotto di Segovia, a Segovia (Spagna)
- Kit di costruzioni in mattoncini di varie grandezze e dimensioni
- Basi di cartoncino da ritagliare su cui incollare i pezzi
- Colla liquida bianca vinilica
- Vari decori inclusi come tegole, alberi, erba sintetica, ecc.
- Istruzioni dettagliate per la realizzazione del modello e la preparazione dei pezzi

Segovia's aqueduct

Item: 1253
Segovia, Spain - C. I 

Scale: 1/135
Approx. Nº of pieces: 1.150
Difficulty degree: 6/10
Sizes (Mm.): 240 x 140 x 220


Acueducto de Segovia


The monument and its history

It is the eternal symbol of the city of Segovia, in Spain. 
It is an extraordinary Roman work and an example of perfection in civil engineering. It is more than two thousand years old and is built with granite blocks of stone joined without any kind of mortar. There are 166 arches and its maximum height reaches 29 metres in the Plaza del Azoguejo. The setting is also very attractive, with the abovementioned square on one side and the Oriental square on the other. From above, from the Gateway, on can enjoy magnificent views over the city.


Acueducto de Segovia




Informazioni generali

Aedes Ars building sets are used for the scale reproduction of some historical monuments with a high cultural value, such as castleschurchesbridges, andlighthouses..., some of them catalogued as World Heritage Sites, as well as miniature buildings of diverse typical country constructions.

The materials used look like the original materials and the pieces' quality is based on the company's production processes. 

     Foix castle model          Granada lighthouse model 

The kits are presented with all the necessary material to model the chosen Item; the specific cardboard structure that withstands the building is included, as well as all the ceramic pieces needed (mainly stones and roof tiles), the glue, a general recommendations sheet, specific instructions based on a photographic sequence and some materials for model decorations depending on the reference. 

                building sets for stone models



Constructions should be modelled over a wooden base and from a previously cut out and assembled numbered cardboard structure. These figures are carefully assembled aided by cardboard strip angles, which make the modelling easier. 
Over the cardboard structure are built the walls and the roofs. 

For an accurate result it is recommended to smooth down some of the different pieces with sandpaper as well as all the walls once the model is finished, achieving a more attractive and realistic result. 



     Stone model assembly system        Stone model assembly system


Some of the kits also include moulded ceramic pieces which simulate different parts of the original construction with a high degree of detail. 

   moulded pottery pieces      moulded ceramic windows